Arrow&Branch Winery

(coming soon)


Steve and Seanne Contursi love great wines, especially those from the right bank of Bordeaux. In 2008, they came across a beautiful farm house in Napa Valley surrounded by a vineyard planted to Cabernet Franc, just like some of their favorite vineyards from France. So began their journey with Arrow&Branch, first with a single bottling of Cabernet Franc, then slowly adding wines from other renowned sites from across Napa Valley. For years, Arrow&Branch wines were made at third-party shared facilities. Today, our wines will continue to be made at a shared facility, with a big difference - the Arrow&Branch Winery was designed by our team based on years of learning, and tailored to winemaking at the highest level for small artisan producers. This is the completion of Steve and Seanne's dream when they first began their wine journey.

We are excited to share this new, state-of-the-art winery facility and hospitality space with a small collective of like-minded vintners who believe in uncompromising quality. Over the years, Napa has become a gathering place for the Contursi family and they hope the new winery project will become the same for this collective of vintners and their guests. Our aim is to make this a place they are proud to call home.

The Arrow&Branch name pays homage to the Contursi Family’s leadership in the United States rare coin business and to our American heritage. Found on the reverse of most United States coinage is an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch in its talons - signifying peace and strength.


Check out the latest progress on Arrow&Branch Winery here